Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sorry its been so long

Hi Everyone,

WOW. Its been a busy 4 months!!! Don't know where to start. Here are some easter pics of the kids!! We love our Ella. She is 4 months now!! What a joy she has brought to our family.
Mom's been a little overwhelmed. NOt very good about updating our blog. My sister in law is pregnant with her 6th child and she finds time and does a better job updating!!! Anyhow we do the best we can right. And someday my best will be different.
Love to all

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Erin said...

I haven't even sent congratulations your way! Ella is beautiful...and wow, 4 - you are doing great! I have a question about maybe doing a Heritage Makers book for Annalyn's baptism in July...should I just email you?